13 Gennaio 2023

5 spunti per approfondire (2/52)


La rubrica settimanale con i consigli di lettura di RivistaEnergia.it, dall’Europa e dal mondo. Forse non le notizie più eclatanti, ma proprio per questo interessanti da approfondire. Settimana 2/52.

“Police are expected to start a clearance operation this week, including removing protesters from tall tripod pillars made from bamboo poles, to pave the way for the energy company RWE to mine the site for lignite. The German government says the operation is necessary as the country reduces its dependence on Russian gas and oil. On Monday, a struggle broke out amid a growing police presence at the site, with some activists throwing fireworks, bottles and stones at police, before officers pulled back.”

Climate activists ‘prepared to risk lives’ to stop German coalmine
Articolo – The Guardian

“Additional joint financing instruments should also be examined constructively,” the draft strategy paper says — without specifying whether that would also involve joint EU borrowing, a contentious issue for many Germans, who worry that they will be on the hook for the uncontrolled spending of other countries. 

Germany’s Scholz Backs Joint EU Funding to Counter US Aid
Articolo – Bloomberg

“Nuclear power plays three important roles in China’s energy and economic strategies. First, it enhances security of energy supply as nuclear power provides significant baseload electricity with only modest import requirements for technology and fuel. Second, the nuclear industry is relatively clean in terms of carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution, at least compared with coal which dominates China’s current power generation. As its installed capacity expands, nuclear power can play an increasing role in reducing the nation’s carbon emissions. Finally, the successful localization of nuclear technologies over the last 40 years has been part of a wider industrial strategy to make the country less dependent on foreign technology”

Nuclear Power in China: its role in national energy policy
Articolo di Ricerca – Oxford Institute of Energy Studies

“The query shows the Biden administration was looking to arm itself with details it could use in talks with Mexico as it seeks to demonstrate the country is flouting a regional trade agreement and potentially stunting its own economic growth in the process.”

State Dept asked U.S. energy firms about Mexico protectionism prior to summit
Articolo – Reuters

“Still, the United States made little progress last year in either of its highest-emitting sectors, transportation and industry, which together account for roughly two-thirds of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Industrial emissions rose by 1.5 percent and transportation emissions rose by 1.3 percent, the latter driven mainly by demand for jet fuel as air travel continued to recover from pandemic-era declines.”

U.S. Carbon Emissions Grew in 2022
Articolo – The New York Times

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