7 Aprile 2023

5 spunti per approfondire (settimana 14/2023)


La rubrica settimanale con i consigli di lettura di RivistaEnergia.it, dall’Europa e dal mondo. Forse non le notizie più eclatanti, ma proprio per questo interessanti da approfondire. Settimana 14/2023

“The Biden administration is on track to propose the toughest-ever US curbs on car pollution, while stopping short of an electric-vehicle mandate or ban on gas-powered models. The proposed standards on cars and light trucks, set to be announced Wednesday in Detroit, are expected to govern tailpipe emissions of carbon dioxide, smog-forming nitrogen oxide and other pollution from vehicles manufactured for model years 2027 through 2032. The plan was described by people briefed on elements of the proposal who asked not to be named because it isn’t yet public.”

Biden Is Set to Propose Toughest-Ever Rules on Car Pollution to Spur EVs
Articolo – Bloomberg

“The U.S. has rallied its European allies behind a $60-a-barrel cap on purchases of Russian crude oil, but one of Washington’s closest allies in Asia is now buying oil at prices above the cap. Japan got the U.S. to agree to the exception, saying it needed it to ensure access to Russian energy. The concession shows Japan’s reliance on Russia for fossil fuels, which analysts said contributed to a hesitancy in Tokyo to back Ukraine more fully in its war with Russia. While many European countries have reduced their dependence on Russian energy supplies, Japan has stepped up its purchases of Russian natural gas over the past year. Japan is the only Group of Seven nation not to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was the last G-7 leader to visit Ukraine after Russia’s invasion.”

Japan Breaks With U.S. Allies, Buys Russian Oil at Prices Above Cap
Articolo – The Wall Street Journal

“Iberdrola is selling the bulk of its Mexican power-generating assets to a state-owned fund for $6bn, using the proceeds to accelerate its investments in the US and Europe. The Spanish group’s move comes after years of pressure on the company from the leftist government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who hailed the purchase as a “new nationalisation”. The Mexican leader has taken a particularly hostile stance towards Spanish corporate investment because of the country’s colonial history and the deal satisfies López Obrador’s ambitions to increase the proportion of electricity generation in state hands.”

Mexico hails ‘new nationalisation’ as Iberdrola sells $6bn of power assets and pivots to US
Articolo – Financial Times

Russian Urals oil broke through the $60 per barrel price cap on Wednesday, boosted by strength in international benchmark Brent after OPEC+ announced an output cut, three sources involved in Russian oil trade said and Reuters calculations showed.

India-China competition, OPEC cuts nudge Urals above price cap

Articolo – Reuters

“TotalEnergies SE Chief Executive Officer Patrick Pouyanne warned that Europe could lose out on projects that will produce synthetic fuel because the massive US climate spending package offers better incentives. The Europe Union recently proposed a mix of measures including domestic production targets and quicker permitting for key clean-tech projects in response to the US Inflation Reduction Act. Still, European manufacturers and governments have voiced concern that the EU’s plan lacks the simple framework of President Joe Biden’s $369 billion package of tax breaks. “When it looks at this topic, Europe starts with regulations rather than aid,” Pouyanne said at a Senate hearing on biofuels in Paris Wednesday. “Today, the best way to produce green hydrogen is to produce it in the US and to export it to Europe.””

TotalEnergies CEO says Europe Risks Losing Green Projects Due to US Subsidies

Articolo – Bloomberg

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