26 Maggio 2023

5 spunti per approfondire (21/2023)


La rubrica settimanale con i consigli di lettura di RivistaEnergia.it, dall’Europa e dal mondo. Forse non le notizie più eclatanti, ma proprio per questo interessanti da approfondire. Settimana 21/2023

“China has grabbed a dominant slice of market share in many sectors. The latest is electric car batteries, an industry still in its early stages. To see where this might end, consider solar cells. Here, China has an unassailable lead and dominates the entire supply chain.  Chinese manufacturers have garnered economies of scale thanks to a burgeoning captive domestic market. Installed solar capacity increased nearly two-thirds to a record 87 gigawatts in 2022.”

China industry: PV CV points the way in EVs

Articolo – Financial Times

Tensions are rising between Saudi Arabia and Russia as Moscow keeps pumping huge volumes of cheaper crude into the market that is undermining Riyadh’s efforts to bolster energy prices, people familiar with the matter say. Saudi Arabia, the de facto leader of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, has expressed its anger to Russia for not following through fully on its pledge to throttle production in response to Western sanctions, the people said. Saudi officials have complained to senior Russian officials and asked them to respect the agreed cuts, the people said. 

Saudi Arabia, Russia Ties Under Strain Over Oil-Production Cuts
Articolo – The Wall Street Journal

On Saturday, the leaders of the Group of 7 countries reaffirmed the need to manage the risks caused by vulnerable mineral supply chains and build more resilient sources. The United States and Australia announced a partnership to share information and coordinate standards and investment to create more responsible and sustainable supply chains. “This is a huge step, from our perspective — a huge step forward in our fight against the climate crisis,” President Biden said Saturday as he signed the agreement with Australia. But figuring out how to access all of the minerals the United States will need will still be a challenge. Many mineral-rich nations have poor environmental and labor standards. And although speeches at the G7 emphasized alliances and partnerships, rich countries are still essentially competing for scarce resources.

The U.S. Needs Minerals for Electric Cars. Everyone Else Wants Them Too.
Articolo – The New York Times

“The European Parliament has delayed a planned vote to approve new EU renewable energy targets, after France and other countries lodged last-minute opposition to the law last week, according to an internal email seen by Reuters. The vote in the Parliament’s energy committee had been due to take place on Tuesday. The email said the vote was postponed until June, without specifying a date. The European Union is attempting to finalise a key pillar of its climate agenda – a law containing a binding goal for the EU to get 42.5% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.”

EU Parliament delays renewable energy vote after late backlash
Articolo – Reuters

TotalEnergies shareholders rejected an activist resolution on Friday urging faster cuts to the oil major’s greenhouse gas emissions programme after police intervened to stop climate protesters disrupting its annual general meeting. The resolution, filed by climate group Follow This and 17 institutional investors with a total 1.1 trillion euros under management, obtained 30.44% of votes, up from a 17% vote share result in 2020, the last time a similar resolution was put forward. Outside the venue in central Paris, the smell of teargas from earlier clashes hung in the air and police used pepper spray as they dragged some protesters away to free a path for shareholders through several hundred climate activists. All those attending the meeting were required to place phones in sealed satchels for its duration.

Tear gas taints the air as TotalEnergies AGM rejects climate activist resolution
Articolo – The Gazette

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