11 Agosto 2023

5 spunti per approfondire (32/2023)


La rubrica settimanale con i consigli di lettura di RivistaEnergia.it, dall’Europa e dal mondo. Forse non le notizie più eclatanti, ma proprio per questo interessanti da approfondire. Settimana 32/2023

“Developers have warned that some newer auction rounds to build offshore wind farms or for project subsidies do not yet reflect the realities of their costs, meaning projects would struggle under those terms. In the UK, trade groups have written to the government that its next round of subsidy contracts is not generous enough given rising costs. The subsidies and cost mismatch have affected an auction in Taiwan, where Orsted last October said it would not bid to take part in the latest phase of offshore wind projects. In March, the utility Rhode Island Energy cancelled an auction after receiving only one bid from Orsted and its partner Eversource Energy, which it considered too expensive”.

Soaring costs threaten offshore wind farm projects
Articolo – Financial Times

“The emergence of a new North-South divide – between the wealthy countries of the Global North and the developing countries of the Global South – has fostered an increasingly sharp debate over the cost and timing of the energy transition, the relative burdens, and its compatibility with other priorities of economic growth, poverty reduction, and improved health. The trilemma of energy security, affordability and sustainability looks very different in Africa, developing countries of Asia, and in Latin America compared to Europe or the US, where per capita incomes are as much as 40 times higher. This divergence makes addressing the gaps in policy, technology and financing a significant challenge across geographies”.

Shaping a living roadmap for energy transition
Report – International Energy Forum e S&P Global Commodity Insights

“Carbon needs a rebranding. The negative narrative is misplaced, especially when the circular economy concept is taking center stage in global sustainability planning for governments and industries. We need a metamorphosis in how carbon is messaged, characterized, and labeled. A new language that signals positive intentions can help rethink carbon in terms of natural capital in systems, as opposed to a global nemesis in need of subjugation”.

Schrödinger’s Cat Paradox: Carbon Is the Enemy. Carbon Is Not the Enemy
Articolo – Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy

“Increasingly, policymakers view cables as critical infrastructure that must be protected. But asking whether a particular cable is owned by China Telecom or supplied by HMN Tech is not enough to guarantee a cable’s security from foreign and domestic threats. Another important question is whether the legal regimes of countries provide sufficient protection for the subsea communication lines in their waters. This article will analyze the governance regimes of the US and China, evaluating whether their domestic legal frameworks adequately deter against deliberate damage, comply with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), and stipulate flexible policies to facilitate rapid repair in the case of damage. On each metric, both Beijing and Washington fall somewhat short, albeit for different reasons”.

Laying Down the Law Under the Sea: Analyzing the US and Chinese Submarine Cable Governance Regimes
Articolo – The Jamestown Foundation

“Interconnection policy is a significant test of whether the US will be able to get its electric grid ready to meet the challenges of a decarbonized future. While FERC’s recent actions help, the next generation of interconnection reforms will likely need to simplify the interconnection process, incorporate better study technologies, and encourage holistic transmission planning”.

FERC’s Interconnection Reform: Why It Matters for the Clean Energy Transition
Analisi – Center on Global Energy Policy

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