5 Gennaio 2024

5 spunti per approfondire (1/2024)


La rubrica settimanale con i consigli di lettura di RivistaEnergia.it, dall’Europa e dal mondo. Forse non le notizie più eclatanti, ma proprio per questo interessanti da approfondire. Settimana 1/2024

“Almost a decade ago, a price war broke out between petrostates in the Persian Gulf and the frackers in America, whose innovative drilling techniques gave rise to the shale revolution. In December 2014 The Economist put an image on its cover of both antagonists standing back to back, frowns on their faces and petrol pumps at the ready. It called the new economics of oil “Sheikhs v shale”. Missing from that picture were two companies that until then had been the biggest stalwarts of America’s oil industry, ExxonMobil and Chevron. Had they been pictured, the two crusty supermajors would probably be standing awkwardly on the sidelines, struggling to make sense of what was going on. At last, they are moving back to centre stage.”

Meet the shrewdest operators in today’s oil markets
Articolo – The Economist

“Gold miners recently celebrated the precious metal fetching its highest price ever. They are reinvesting much of that windfall in copper. From central Mexico to the Australian Outback, gold producers led by Newmont and Barrick Gold are raising bets on copper through deals and other investments that will give them more influence over a commodity vital to the global energy transition. Copper is essential for building electric vehicles, wind turbines and solar-power systems.”

The Hottest Property in Gold Mining Is Copper
Articolo – The Wall Street Journal

“The European Commission is expected to table its proposed climate target for 2040 on 6 February, in what many see as the current administration’s legacy for the new team that will be appointed to lead the Brussels-based executive after the June EU elections. The EU’s appropriate level of ambition for 2040 was at the centre of debate when lawmakers in the European Parliament voted to approve the EU’s new Commissioner for Climate Action, Wopke Hoekstra, back in October. Under pressure from MEPs, Hoekstra pledged to defend a 90% reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, in line with advice from the European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change, which recommended a reduction of 90-95%.”

2024 lookahead: Climate target for 2040 will be EU Commission’s ‘legacy’, activists say
Articolo – Euractiv

“LNG annual imports to Colombia reached an all-time high in 2023, driven by drought conditions that increased demand for gas-fired electricity in the country during the second half of the year. Imports to the Andean country totaled 36.3 Bcf last year, a large increase from the 3.3 Bcf in 2022, S&P Global Commodity Insights data shows. The country’s previous high was at 15 Bcf in 2020. The 2023 figure is the highest ever recorded by S&P Global, for data between 2016 to 2023. Colombia’s SPEC terminal in Cartagena, the country’s only LNG import facility, began operations in 2016. The country imported LNG every month in 2023, except for January, March, and April.”

Colombia imported its highest annual LNG volume ever in 2023

Articolo – S&P Global Platts

“On Jan. 13, 2024, Taiwan will elect its eighth president since holding its first direct presidential election in 1996. With incumbent president Tsai Ing-wen, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), term-limited and ineligible for reelection, all three contenders are vying for high office for the first time: William Lai, a member of the center-left DPP; Hou Yu-ih, center-right Kuomintang member; and Ko Wen-je, member of the centrist Taiwan People’s Party.”

New President, Nuclear Energy, and Net Zero: How Will Taiwan Vote on Its Energy Future?
Analisi – Baker Institute

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