21 Giugno 2024

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La rubrica settimanale con i consigli di lettura di RivistaEnergia.it, dall’Europa e dal mondo. Settimana 25/2024

“A contract arbitration panel that could block or green-light the $53 billion sale of Hess Corp to Chevron remains incomplete three months after the case was filed, stalling a decision on whether Exxon Mobil has a right of first refusal over Hess’ Guyana operations. The third and final arbitrator has not been appointed, according to people familiar with the matter. A delay could mean no decision this year as Hess has forecast. Uncertainty on whether the sale can proceed has pressured Chevron shares, which are down 7.8% since the deal was disclosed.”

Exxon-Hess arbitration panel incomplete, Hess sale to Chevron stalled
Articolo – Reuters

“At the height of the American war machine’s realization that China controls nearly all of its raw materials, two new developments in Europe now suggest that the West has a fighting chance to secure critical metals for the future: A major discovery in Norway, and a potentially game-changing acquisition in Greenland. In mid-June, Norwegian mining company Rare Earths Norway unveiled one of the largest deposits of rare earth elements in Europe in the Fen Carbonatite Complex in the country’s south. That discovery followed a vote in Norwegian parliament that paved the way for offshore, deep-sea mining of rare minerals in the country’s remote northern waters, Fortune magazine reported, making this the first country in Europe to allow such seabed mining activities.

Huge Rare Earths Discovery is Gamechanger in Americas Trade War with China
Articolo – OilPrice

“The CEO of Israel’s National Electrical System Management Company Noga, Shaul Goldstein, warned Wednesday that the country is unprepared for war, noting that the network could fall down within hours of war. “After 72 hours without electricity, it will not be possible to live in Israel,” Goldstein shared at the Institute for National Security Studies conference in Sderot. “We are not in a good state; we are not prepared for war. Hezbollah could easily cripple Israel’s power grid,” he continued.”

Israel official says power grid not ready for war, Hezbollah can bring it down within 72 hours
Articolo – Middle East Monitor

“Europe has clocked a record number of hours of negative power prices this year due to a mismatch between demand and supply as solar power generation soars, potentially helping to shift investment to much needed storage solutions. Wholesale power markets in most of Europe’s key economies turned out zero or negative prices for a record number of hours in the first five months of this year at times of low demand. That means producers more frequently have to pay to offload power, or stop their plants.”

Europe’s solar power surge hits prices, exposing storage needs

Articolo – Euractiv

“The clean energy transition has reached adolescence. Its future direction is not yet set, and in the meantime, its internal paradoxes make for a volatile mix. Political leaders fret that ambitious steps to address climate change will aggravate geopolitical problems in a world already troubled by wars and humanitarian crises. Governments worried about energy security after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have advocated for strategies that embrace both fossil fuels and clean alternatives, lest dependence on imported oil give way to reliance on imported lithium. Rising inflation and economic slowdowns, too, are exacerbating concerns that the energy transition will lead to job losses and price hikes. The warnings are coming in quick succession. In March, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink championed “energy pragmatism” in his most recent annual letter, and a few weeks later, a JPMorgan Chase report called for a “reality check” about the transition away from fossil fuels. In April, Haitham al-Ghais, the secretary-general of OPEC, wrote that the energy transition would require “realistic policies” that acknowledge rising demand for oil and gas.”

Green Peace: How the Fight Against Climate Change Can Overcome Geopolitical Discord
Ricerca – Foreign Affairs

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